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Edmonton North LRT Extension

A PNR RailWorks crew placed switch rails into position on turnout #701 of the northbound track of the Edmonton North Light Rail Transit Extension.
Project Highlights 

Constructed three diamond crossoverss

Constructed six switches

Edmonton, Alberta
Business Unit 
PNR RailWorks
Project Description 

PNR RailWorks constructed three diamond crossovers and six switches in a tunnel as part of the Edmonton North Light Rail Extension.

Project Scope 

Working as a subcontractor to North Link Partnership, a joint venture partner by SNC Lavalin and Graham Construction, PNR RailWorks helped construct a portion of the new North LRT Extension, a light-rail expansion northwest from downtown Edmonton, AB, to the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. 

Crews first pre-assembled the 87-metre section of track, featuring six switches and three diamond crossovers, in Edmonton’s Cromdale Yard to make sure it came together properly. They then disassembled the track section and transported the materials inside the tunnel over existing track on a flatcar provided by Edmonton Transit. With the new materials inside, they demolished the existing track and re-reassembled and installed the new track work inside the tunnel. By coordinating a skilled core group of repeat workers plus workers hired locally, PNR RailWorks wrapped up the first part of the contract ahead of schedule.

Unique Features 

In the narrow confines of the tunnel, with about 4 metres from pillar to pillar and about 4 metres of overhead clearance, crews couldn’t use conventional equipment to dig or place assembled panels. Instead, they relied on mini-excavators and skid steers to prepare the ground and lay rail.