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Quebec Central Railway

PNR RailWorks rehabilitated the branch line in Quebec to meet Transport Canada and industrial standards.
Project Highlights 
  • Removed rotten ties on deteriorated line
  • Installed 6,000 new ties
  • Surfaced track
Lévis, Quebec
Quebec government
Project Description 

This small branch line is owned and operated by the Quebec government. PNR RailWorks Quebec Inc. rehabilitated the line to meet Transport Canada and industrial standards necessary to service the industrial businesses on the line.

Project Scope 

This track rehabilitation project presented a challenge because the track had not been maintained for many years. PNR RailWorks Quebec Inc. removed the deteriorated ties. The production gang followed and installed 6,000 new ties and ballast and resurfaced the track.

Unique Features 

This project was more challenging than most rehabilitation projects due to the deteriorated condition of the ties and ballast. By sequencing the backhoe and production work, PNR RailWorks implemented a productive rehabilitation program. This efficient process facilitated project completion in record time.