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VIA Rail Third Main Line Track

Project Highlights 
  • Installed all signal-related equipment
  • Removed all redundant signal equipment
  • Coordinated related signal work with civil and track subcontractors
  • Installed gas lines and coordinated all the hydro services
  • Assisted in commissioning the signal system
Oshawa, Ontario
Canadian National Railway (CN)
Business Unit 
PNR RailWorks
Project Description 

PNR RailWorks installed and commissioned a new signal system on CN’s Kingston Subdivision between Brockville and Oshawa over three years between 2009 and 2012. The work was part of broader infrastructure improvement efforts to expand VIA Rail’s passenger service on the line between Toronto and Montreal.

Project Scope 

The project focused on constructing an additional third main-line track to expand capacity on the line by enabling VIA Rail and CN trains to pass or overtake each other safely and quickly. PNR RailWorks installed all signal-related equipment, including cable, bungalows, wayside signals, hydro services, gas lines, switch machines, and constructed all the pads to accommodate the signal equipment. It also coordinated with appropriate subcontractors to identify all cable locates, perform underground drilling, install aggregate to build pads and perform hydro services. Once the equipment was installed, PNR RailWorks assisted CN with commissioning all of the signal equipment and then removed all the redundant signal equipment along the right of way.

PNR RailWorks crews installed the following signal-related components:

  • 88 new bungalows
  • 60 new public crossings
  • 54 new wayside signal locations
  • 23 new Hydro services
  • 20 new power switches
  • 30 switch clearing devices
  • 2 wayside inspection locations
  • 1 AEI site
  • 13 data radio towers
  • 200 miles of new cable installed
  • 13 new plants/control points