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Calgary West LRT Extension

Workers place impedance bonds on the elevated guide way as part of the extension of the Calgary LRT system.
Project Highlights 
  • Installed 135 impedance bonds
  • Installed 77 track magnets
  • Installed B-points
  • Installed 17 switch machines and blowers
  • Installed 17 rail jumper cables 
Calgary, Alberta
City of Calgary
Business Unit 
PNR RailWorks
Project Description 

PNR RailWorks' Signals and Communications Division worked on an 8 km extension of the Calgary LRT line connecting a downtown station to six new stations along the line. 

Project Scope 

PNR RailWorks’ portion of the work on Calgary’s West LRT line, valued at $900,000, involved all activities required to design, procure, deliver, install, construct and commission to complete the extension.  PNR RailWorks’ installation of the signalling portion included 135 impedance bonds to define the track circuit limits and allow for functioning of the locomotive traction power system; 77 track magnets to regulate train speed; and B-points to provide precise locating of trains.

In addition, S&C installed 17 switch machine and blowers and 17 rail jumper cables; installing and terminating signalling power and control cable; handling installation, termination and supply of interface case cabling; providing cable management and performing and submitting testing for all equipment and cables.