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BC Port Subdivision Maintenance

PNR RailWorks provides ongoing track and signal maintenance on a major route serving the Roberts Bank Superport.
Project Highlights 
  • Responsible for complete BCR Port Subdivision track and signal maintenance:  day-to-day tasks, monthly preventive maintenance and emergency efforts
  • Handles rail and tie change programs and track surfacing
Vancouver, British Columbia
BCR Properties, Ltd.
Business Unit 
PNR RailWorks
Project Description 

PNR RailWorks provides complete track and signal maintenance for approximately 24 miles of Class 3 track for “Port Sub,” part of Port Metro Vancouver.

Project Scope 

PNR RailWorks handles all necessary labor and equipment resources for routine track and signal inspection, routine track and signal maintenance, emergency maintenance (including 24-hour on call support), record keeping and reporting and superintendence, all in accordance with recognized Class 1 railway standards.

Track and signal upkeep is critical for the 20 or so trains a day that daily use this stretch south of Vancouver between Pratt (Cloverdale) and the Roberts Bank causeway.  The day-to-day and monthly preventive maintenance includes rail and tie change programs, track surfacing, attention to culverts and clearing snow.

Unique Features 

PNR RailWorks manages logistics through ongoing coordination efforts, interfacing with a BCR Properties track supervisor, who monitors the track and conducts the inspections, and also with personnel from Toronto Terminal Railway, which provides the switching for TSI Deltaport, Canada’s largest container terminal.
Crews maintain 24 miles of track that connect TSI Deltaport and Westshore Coal Terminals to all points west and south through CP Rail, CN and BNSF.